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Residential Gate

We are a provider of integrated services for residential gates, ranging from repair to installation. We are a unified team of technicians skilled in a number of works such as setting up openers, hinge and intercom system repair, rectification of alignment issues, and fixing of other minor parts.

A gate is an important part of a house. Apart from serving as a security measure, it also improves the overall look of a housing property. In today’s vulnerable world, residential security gates have become all the more relevant. As a company, we take care of all aspects of a new installation. Our technicians take the entire entranceway into consideration before creating a suitable action plan. Users can also assist in the planning, and can even suggest custom designs.

Further, it is equally important to maintain them with periodic quality checks and safety tests. Since they are made up of electromechanical parts, they are highly susceptible to wear and tear. In order to prevent damage and/or corrosion, it is recommended that a maintenance checks be carried out in frequent intervals. Our team is equipped with all the necessary tools to help you keep your gate well-maintained.

Following are some of our prime features:

From Inspection to Installation, We Can Deal with Anything

Finding a company that provides every single service can be both difficult and expensive. To make it easy for our patrons, we began offering complete support: from inspection of the plot to final touch-ups to bi-annual maintenance. As a result, we have now become one of the most well-known gate companies in the city.

Prefer Automatic Sliding Doors? We Got You Covered

Sliding and swing are the two main types of a gates. They can be further classified based on the opener type: manual and automatic. While manual ones need to be actively operated, automatic residential gate openers detect the presence of a vehicle, and open and close the doors automatically. Our team can undertake installation and repair of all types.

Industry-Standard Safety and Quality Tests

Residential gate openers and other parts can break down due to a lot of factors. Hence, we always advise our customers to regularly carry out safety tests so that problems can be determined and fixed beforehand. This increases their longevity and also prevents unfavorable incidents from happening. Our safety tests will ensure that your driveway is in tiptop condition all the time.

We have tie-ups with some of the most popular brands in the world such as Liftmaster, Doorking, DKS, and Ramset. This helps us in offering premium services to our customers without compromising quality.

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