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Whenever you’ve run into a problem with your home’s driveway or security gate, our company’s experts are the ones to call. Check out their replies to many of today’s most common gate questions on our popular and informative FAQ section below.

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What is the best entry system to get?

You have quite a few options available to you: a telephone entry system (TES), an intercom or a keypad. With an intercom, you would have to physically get up to the base station to see who’s outside. With a keypad, whoever comes to the gate needs to have the code. This may prove a bit problematic for the pizza delivery man. However, with a TES, it will ring to all of the phones that it’s connected to in the house. Also, the calls can be forwarded to an alternative number when you’re not at home.

Can I do any maintenance on my gate, and what kind of maintenance?

Yes, and we strongly advise that you do! Marine-grade grease or high-quality silicone spray is essential in keeping your bolts, screws and hinges working smoothly. You can also apply the spray to most chains as well. We also suggest getting rid of rust as soon as you spot it. Simply use some sandpaper and then use a rust-inhibitor thereafter. In addition, we suggest having your gate professionally serviced at least once a year.